Jayree Kennedy a brash and sassy young woman who thought she had the world by its tail that is until...

She meets Marcus Reed, a fine older man who has plenty of money to spend. But is she ready for the trip he's about to take her on?


Teresa, Jayree's older sister married Ray Ray Wilson, a charismatic hustler from the streets fills her head with dreams of living the high-life... once he makes it big. But can Teresa tolerate his games long enough to see if they will come true?


Linda Weathers, Jayree's best friend is engaged to the prominent Dr. Phillip Norris who happens to be Caucasian. The couple was about to get married and on their wedding day he calls it off. And the reason? Well. That's what Linda has to find out because he's not saying.


Jayree, Teresa, and Linda want the forever kind of love which leaves them all wondering...Is He The One?